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Who I am ?
I introduce myself ...

My name is Angelica Dainese and more than a photographer in the strict sense of the term, I prefer to define myself as a "creative photographer" and I deal with Fine Art style photography, which I use as "painting".

With my works, I want to amplify the spectator's amazement, creating compositions or settings that generate poetic images, which furrow invisible but perceptible traces in order to break the balance of our conscious self.
The works I create are dreamlike images in which truth and fiction intersect, in which meanings change and sometimes, past and present merge into a reality made up of suspended worlds, of apparent realities and hidden truths, of ambiguities and differences, where time and memory always play a fundamental role, contesting the clear division between fantastic memories and real and personal experiences.

I am inspired by the beauty of the great painters, masters of all time, from romanticism to symbolism, from baroque to rococo to pop art, from Victorian to Gothic, who through plays of light mark or direct drama and beauty, infusing every scene with a sense of indecipherable mystery, where the known gives way to the unknown and the whole is never the definite, thus overcoming various emotional blocks, which we all (in one way or another) experience sooner or later.
All this manages to vanish in my fantastic world, where there are no obligations, where you do not see the real but the likely where, thanks to the representation of my images, everything is reinvented by my imagination through illusions, allusions and correspondences, where everything it's possible.

By applying a poetic and often metaphorical language (sometimes classified by experts as romantic surrealist pop) ambiguities and differences vanish and the impossible becomes real, and the real manifests itself in many aspects, transforming my works into a language that becomes an ornament.

My creations are part of a collective memory, where you can be free to be who you are, to feel what you feel, without restrictions whatsoever, without fears, without bonds that can turn into an emotional prison or a fortress of solitude, crossing borders and creating enigmatic and arcane universes, permeated with magical suggestions and changing moods, with the presence of symbolic objects or allegorical acts, where everything blends seamlessly, managing to invoke liberating forces that dominate the inner struggles of all of us .

I currently live and work in Italy, and my works are present at both national and international fairs, events and auctions.

Proff.ssa Nevia Pizzul Capello, insignita del “Bundesverdienstkreuz” dal Presidente della Repubblica Federale di Germania Richard von Weizsäcker, nonchè dell’alta onorificenza di Grande Ufficiale di I. Classe della Repubblica Federale di Germania, nel 2001, dal Presidente Rau. Curatrice di Mostre d’Arte.

Il mondo classicheggiante di Angelica Dainese

Il trionfo della bellezza e dell’armonia è il topos intorno al quale si dipana l’opera di Angelica Dainese, in cui le immagini

prendono forma in un gioco di luci e di ombre, calate in un’atmosfera romantica di grande pathos.

Ricollegandosi istintivamente all’immaginario dei grandi interpreti del mondo classico che l’hanno preceduta a partire dal Classicismo seicentesco di un Guido Reni con la sua Dafne, dal Neoclassicismo di Ingres, vedi Edipo e la Sfinge del 1808, per giungere alla Danae di Gustav Klimt rappresentante della Secessione Viennese, l’artista firma i suoi quadri come fotografa-pittrice, e nel doppio ruolo che si fonde e si amalgama in lei in forza di una tecnica rigorosa, riscoprendo un mondo permeato di classicità e reinventando il mito.

Dunque Angelica Dainese è una voce della Fine Art & Staged Photography: fotografa pittrice, regista, titoli che vorremmo integrare riconoscendole i requisiti di scenografa, per il suo intervento creativo e fantasioso nella realizzazione dei set, allestiti con cura altamente professionale prima di ogni scatto. Il risultato è ampiamente recepito dagli esperti e dal più vasto pubblico. Un esito oltremodo positivo e

dirompente che l’ha portata al top delle classifiche in concorsi internazionali.

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