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Horizons, One of a kind 50x75 cm
  • Horizons, One of a kind 50x75 cm


    Unique photographic - pictorial work, autographed, printed with color pigments on museum paper Fine Art Gliceè Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 100% cotton 300 gr, with measures 50x75 cm (photo only), plus 4 cm of border, accompanied by certificate of authenticity and declaration of work with holographic stamp of unique numbering.


    The certificate contains all the information regarding the printed work: author, title of the work, year, print format, thumbnail of the image to be certified, author's signature, type of printing technology, type of paper used, type of ink used.




    - The work is not mounted on a support.

    - Subsequently it will be fixedto a support and frame at your expense, with or without glass, or inserted in the "photo" frames so to speak, as a better onelikes.

    - The work is sent directly by Angelica Dainese by courier. If possible, it will be shipped "flat", otherwise in protective rolls, fully packaged, to avoid as much as possible any folding.

    - Please payA LOTattention in handling this work and ofNOTtouch the printed part, in order to avoid damaging it with scratches or hand grease.

    Then handle the work touching (as little as possible) ONLY the white part / edge, preferably wearing white cotton gloves.

    - Angelica Dainese is NOT responsible in any way for how the packages are handled by the courier after collection in the studio. If the package arrives damaged externally, please accept"with reserve"in order to check if the interior (instead) is intact, and if not, the customer must immediately contact the courier.




    There are moments in life, where the most unexpected things happen to you and you get to a point where you never thought you would arrive ... but that's not what you hoped for ... your certainties are broken, you feel lost, you don't know anymore who you are or what you really want ... and in that moment there, yes right in that moment, that you have to sit down and you have to start listening to your heart ... look in front of you, and you will see your new horizon


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