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Secret Worlds, Only Unique Pieces 50x60 cm
  • Secret Worlds, Only Unique Pieces 50x60 cm


    Photographic - pictorial work, autographed, printed with color pigments on museum paper Fine Art Gliceè Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 100% cotton 300 gr, with measures 50x60 cm, accompanied by certificate of authenticity and declaration of work with holographic stamp of univocal numbering.

    The certificate contains all the information regarding the printed work: author, title of the work, year, format of the print, thumbnail of the image to be certified, signature of the author and printer, type of printing technology the type of paper used , the type of ink used.

    Unique work, price including gilded and worked wooden frame.



    This work makes art of a series of 8 unique works, collected under the name of "Only Daughter".

    Many say that being an only child has its positive side: you have all the gifts for you, everyone wants
    pamper yourself but it's not all true.
    The pain and loneliness you feel when you are an only child, and a dull thunder, a deafening silence,
    a life still and suspended between things that apparently seem beautiful but in truth they are not
    (symbolism withered roses and rotten fruit) you try to fill by imagining better days,
    fantasizing about unlikely journeys and creating (in the light of the dim candle) of your few years that
    you have, a new life or "secret worlds".
    A world made of dreamlike visions and prayers, of hidden tears and swallowed sobs, with the
    vain hope of receiving a warm embrace from your maternal hand that comes to reassure you
    evening, which will never come.



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